1. It’s Amy-Rose Capetta. (As opposed to Amy Rose-Capetta.) If you call me Amy, no terrible vortex of darkness will open up and swallow you. But if you call me Amy Rose, I will smile at you like you invented the moon.


2. I grew up in New England, spent my late teens and early twenties reveling in the redwoods of Northern California, and since then I’ve lived in New York, Texas, Chicago, and Michigan. I love coastlines and small towns and big trees and epic sky. I also have an odd speech pattern.


3. Now I’m moving to Vermont–and I’m planning to stay for a while.


4. I’ve spent a lot of my life in theaters, mostly acting. Likes: Shakespeare, green rooms, strange and lovely theater people, that doubly-alive feeling you get right before you go onstage. Dislikes: never enough parts for girl-types, unimaginative casting, random back rubs.


5. I once did a monologue on rollerblades in front of Kurt Vonnegut.


6. I’m queer. She/her pronouns. If you’re a LGBTQIAP young person, I’m really really glad you’re here. If we get to meet, I’m happy to talk about being queer, writing queer stories, loving Sailor Moon too much as a kid and not understanding why, and having the world’s cutest girlfriend.


7. I am the co-founder of Rainbow Boxes. What is that, you ask? Check it out. 


8. I studied the art and magic of books at VCFA, which is a truly wonderful place.