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Once & Future (Little Brown’s Jimmy imprint, 2019, with a sequel in 2020)


My love and I wrote a genderbent, super queer King Arthur (in space!) for you.



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The Brilliant Death (Viking Fall 18, with a sequel Fall 19)

Setting inspiration for The Brilliant Death


This is the book sometimes known as “magical mafia princess,” and I CANNOT WAIT to share strega magic with the world!


“A YA fantasy set in a magical variation of 19th-century Italy. Teodora DiSangro, daughter of a mafia-like family, must master her hidden powers to transform into a boy and plunge into the dangerous politics of her newly unified country, while her shape-shifting multi-gendered magic tutor pulls her heart —and her fate —in another direction.”

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The Lost Coast (Candlewick Spring 19)

Me in a redwood tree

Official announcement!

“Candlewick has acquired The Lost Coast, a YA novel by Amy Rose Capetta, in which 17-year-old Danny is drawn to the redwoods of California by a spell. The queer teen witches who cast it need Danny’s abilities to bring back their friend who’s gone blank—lost to the world. Publication is planned for spring 2019.”

This will be my second novel with the team that did Echo After Echo! I’ve been dreaming of setting a novel in the redwoods since I moved there as a teenager. And I’ve always wanted to write witchy YA. So many of my favorite things are going into this book. Including a ton of WEIRD.

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