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Third Person Bio for Super Official Uses:


Amy Rose Capetta [she/her] is an author of YA fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery. Her first novel, Entangled, was a BEA Buzz Book and along with a sequel, Unmade, comprises a space duet. Echo After Echo, a queer love story wrapped in a murder mystery and set on Broadway, earned two starred reviews and was a Junior Library Guild Selection. The Brilliant Death, an Italian-inspired fantasy novel, also received two stars and was a chosen as a JLG selection and a Kirkus Best YA Book of the Year. Upcoming titles: Once & Future (co-written with Cori McCarthy, March 2019), The Lost Coast (May 2019) and The Storm of Life (sequel to The Brilliant Death, Fall 2019). Amy Rose holds a BA in Theater Arts from the University of California at Santa Cruz and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from VCFA. She co-founded the Rainbow Writers Workshop, the first-ever workshop for YA and middle grade LGBTQIAP writers. She lives in Vermont with her partner and their young son.


Fun Facts and Strange Truths:


1. I have a double name! It’s Amy-Rose Capetta. (As opposed to Amy Rose-Capetta.)


2. I grew up in New England, spent my late teens and early twenties in Northern California, and since then I’ve lived in New York, Austin, Chicago, and Michigan. I love coastlines and small towns and big trees and epic sky.


Amy Rose & Cori

3. Now I’m living in Vermont with my love, the brilliant author and writing professor Cori McCarthy. We even write books together–starting with Once & Future, a genderbent King Arthur in space.


4. I’ve spent a lot of my life in theaters, mostly acting. Loves: Shakespeare, green rooms, theater people, that doubly-alive feeling you get right before you go onstage. Non-loves: “traditional” casting, random back rubs.


5. I once did a monologue on rollerblades in front of Kurt Vonnegut.


6. For real, though.


7. I’m queer! But you’ve probably figured that out by now. I identify as bi and nonbinary. She/her pronouns are okay–though that could always change (yay fluidity!) If you’d like to read a little more about my gender identity and journey and how I explored some of these things in The Brilliant Death, I highly suggest this interview I did with the B&N Teen Blog.

If you’re a LGBTQIAP+ person, I’m really really glad you’re here. If we get to meet, I’m happy to talk about being queer, writing stories about it, loving Sailor Moon too much as a kid and not understanding why, and having the world’s most adorable enby trans love interest. (See #3)


8. I used to be a professional baker. I am always up for a long conversation about frosting.


9. I co-founded Rainbow Boxes and the Rainbow Writers Workshop. What are those, you ask? Clink on links for more!


10. I studied the art and magic of writing books at VCFA.


11. Things I love that I want everyone to know about: the TV show Wynonna Earp, Sarah McCarry’s gorgeous mythpunk YA novels, Lily Anderson’s witty & adorable YA novels, short stories by Kelly Link, arancini (it’s Italian street food, just trust me), and the delight of writing in enormous, unlined notebooks.