Third Person Bio for Super Official Uses:


Amy Rose Capetta [she/they] is a bestselling and acclaimed author of YA fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery. Amy Rose’s first novels, Entangled and Unmade, comprise a spacepunk duet. Echo After Echo, a queer love story wrapped in a murder mystery and set on Broadway, was an ALA Rainbow List Selection and JLG Selection. The Brilliant Death, an Italian-inspired, nonbinary fantasy, made the Locus Reading List and Kirkus Best YA Books of the Year. Once & Future, a bestselling Arthurian space fantasy co-written with Cori McCarthy, received four starred reviews and was a finalist for the New England Book Award. The Lost Coast, aka queer teen witches in the redwoods, landed on Booklist’s Top 10 SF/Fantasy & Horror for Youth. Sequels to The Brilliant Death and Once & Future are forthcoming in 2020! Amy Rose holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from VCFA, and co-founded the Rainbow Writers Workshop, the first workshop for LGBTQIAP+ writers of YA and middle grade. AR lives in Vermont with Cori McCarthy and an adorable small reader.


Less Official But Still True:


1. I have a double name: Amy Rose. But you can call me AR for short!


2. I grew up in New England, spent my late teens and early twenties in Northern California, and since then I’ve lived in New York, Austin, Chicago, and Michigan. I love coastlines and small towns and big trees and epic sky.


3. Now I’m living in Vermont with my love, the brilliant author and writing professor Cori McCarthy. We write books together–starting with Once & Future, a genderbent, mega-queer King Arthur in space. PS We got engaged at our local indie bookstore!


4. I’ve spent a lot of my life in theaters, mostly acting. Loves: Shakespeare, green rooms, theater people, that doubly-alive feeling you get right before you go onstage. Non-loves: “traditional” casting, random back rubs.


5. I once did a monologue on rollerblades in front of Kurt Vonnegut.


6. For real, though.


7. I’m queer! But you’ve probably figured that out by now. I identify as bi and nonbinary (genderflux if you want to be extra specific!) Queer is always a good word for me. I use she/her and they/them pronouns.


If you’re a LGBTQIAP+ person, I’m really really glad you’re here. If we get to meet, I’m happy to talk about being queer, writing stories about it, loving Sailor Moon so much as a kid and not understanding why, and having the world’s most adorable nonbinary trans love interest. (See #3)


8. I used to be a professional baker. I am always up for a long conversation about frosting.


9. I co-founded Rainbow Boxes and the Rainbow Writers Workshop. What are those, you ask? Clink on links for more!


10. I studied the art and magic of writing books at VCFA.


11. I have one tattoo, along my right upper arm. It says “with a wink of starlight”, a line from a poem that Cori wrote for me the day my first book sold. It’s a little bit of magic that I always have with me.