You can read the first two chapters of The Brilliant Death.

They’re up on Bustle!


Want to read “Honey and Cold Stars”, a short story about faeries, climate change, and queer girls kissing?



Here’s the B&N interview I did with Cory where we dig into gender, empowering marginalized characters with magic, and pushing the boundaries of culture through fantasy.

B&N Interview


If you’re here for the personal and non-fictional…

Brit & Co interview


Prefer to listen to your interviews? Cory and I talked to the most wonderful Melissa Albert at B&N!

B&N YA Podcast


Love creativity boosting podcasts?

88 Cups of Tea Podcast


Nerd stuff? Here’s a Den Geek interview for Once & Future.

Den of Geek Podcast


And then there’s Write or Die, aka the most honest and hilarious writing podcast.

Write or Die Podcast