Do you like Italy? Love stories? ALL THE MAGIC? (Ummm, probably, you are here.) You can read the first two chapters of The Brilliant Death right now.

They’re up on Bustle!


Want to read “Honey and Cold Stars”, a short story about faeries, climate change, and queer girls kissing?



Here’s the B&N interview I did with Cori where we dig into gender, empowering marginalized characters with magic, and pushing the boundaries of culture through fantasy.

B&N Interview


If you’re here for the personal and non-fictional, how about another favorite interviews, where I talk about books and movies I love, but also using art to destroy the status quo?

Brit & Co interview right here!


Prefer to listen to your interviews? Cori and I talked to the most wonderful Melissa Albert at B&N!

B&N YA Podcast


Love creativity boosting podcasts? Yin Chang’s 88 Cups of Tea is perfect for you.

88 Cups of Tea Podcast


If you’re anywhere near as nerdy as I am, try this Den of Geek interview for Once & Future.

Den of Geek Podcast


And then there’s Write or Die, aka the most honest and hilarious writing podcast. Cori and I had way too much fun with Claribel Ortega and Kat Cho and said a bunch of things we probably shouldn’t have.

Write or Die Podcast


Some really EXTRA extras for The Brilliant Death: